How to Get Extra Battle Stones in Rival Kingdoms iPhone

Rival Kingdoms can be said as a multiplayer strategy game where you will have to build your kingdom with any mean necessary, in that the stronghold is the heart of your village that must be protected well.

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As a commander in this game, be sure to upgrade your Stronghold as fast as you can to prevent your resources from being plundered by the others.

Besides, upgrading your Stronghold will get you to unlock new buildings, troops, in which you will also be able to master new skills shared with you by the Ancients.

To do some upgrades in this game, you will need Gold Smelters and a place to store all of your harvested gold in gold storage from raids and your smelter.
To store more gold, you must upgrade your Gold Storage and Gold Smelter as well.

On the other side, you will also need to protect your village, and the other important buildings that are involved in the defense of your Stronghold.
At this point, you can deploy them strategically, considering the radius of each.

Always remember that the enemy will try to reach the Stronghold, as this is the main target of any attack whereby you must protect it at all cost.

To get the best protection, you must build a Watch Tower that shoots arrows very quickly and inflicts significant damage to the incoming enemies
Also, build a Spell Tower to use the powers of your favorite Ancient, and a Catapult which has a large radius and inflicts additional splash damages toward enemies.

In the mean time, you must also make sure that your Village is well protected and surrounded by massive walls.
You can also try to upgrade the level of the walls in order to get more resistant to attacks from any enemies

As every village needs a large and strong army, you will need a Troop Portal to send your soldiers on the battlefield at a time.

Later on, you must also upgrade your troop portal to deploy more squads of troops.
Here, you must also defend each Portal well, as when one of them is destroyed the attacker will get Mana that he can use to launch Ancient spells against your village.

Anyway, if you look the enemy player has all their towers clustered together, you must try to search for a route for your troops that will get the most buildings destroyed before they reach those towers.
Doing this will provide you plenty of time to absorb mana from the destroyed buildings that can be used on Ancient abilities that will help your troops eliminate the defensive towers in a quick time.

When it is about to invade the other kingdom, you can try to place the archers to spawn and engage the tower first
Do not place them to spawn and attack a high-HP building, when there is an enemy tower right next to it
Just try to eliminate the easy threats, before attempting the big target.

Along the game, you are also tasked to collect battle stones that are used to battle against enemies
When doing so, you will need to spend one every time you attack the other kingdom
You will also get them every 20 minutes up to the maximum number and you can also find them in the chests

So just try to clash some enemies and take over their kingdoms in order to get more battle stones in this game


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