How to Get Exp for High Score in Crossy Heroes iPhone

Wizard Game has presented Crossy Heroes Avengers of Hopopolis game for ios devices, where you will play as one of the Hoppy Avengers to go through the diverse challenges

crossy heroes avengers of hopopolis walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will deal with turrets, pistols, bombs, force fields, enemy bases, heroes shooting special powers and cities crawling with armed, free-roaming, gun shooting enemy soldiers

Here, you will battle with the soldiers of Ultron Corp which have swarmed the streets and towns, setting up heavily fortified bases and road blocks, shooting anyone who crosses them
Now it is the time to unlock all of the Avengers of Hopopolis to beat the Ultron Corp

In this game, you will then have to unlock new characters each with their own unique ability.
Men, women, monsters and robots are diverse and powerful

Throughout the game, every time you play your character, you will gain Experience Points to level up and improve your team to become unstoppable in this game.
Leveling up will unlock new characters with new abilities.

In line with this, you will get experience equivalent to your final score or forward steps you made.
As an illustration, your recent run got 100 of a final score, in which you will get 100 experience for that run.
Also, you will receive 100 experience regardless on how many enemies you killed or how many roads you have crossed in each stage.

When doing you mission, be sure to beat all pesky enemy guards and turret guns whereby every time you shoot or destroy them, you will be granted with experience points that will be useful to level up your heroes in this game

In order to level up your heroes fast in this game, all you will need to do is merely to move forward to gain exp.
Thus, just increase your score until your character dies then play again and repeat the process in order to rack up more exp points.

On the other side, every time, you can accomplish mission, you will be rewarded with score that will accumulate if you can survive in the long term
With the score that you earned, you can compete with your friends online for the highest score and prove who is the master of this game.

Alongside, you must also try to keep your hearts, your lives in full as you will need them for tough missions that will need more and more energy

Since this game is free to play, this sometimes shows up advertisements while you are playing
In order to get rid of this ad, you can turn off your wifi internet connection before launching this game on your phone.

Or, you can simply set your phone into airplane mode when playing this game
By doing so, you will be able to play this game in full version.


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