How to Get Emeralds in Nords Heroes of the North iPhone

Nords: Heroes of the North from Plarium can be said as an Epic MMO strategy specifically designed for ios and android devices

nords heroes of the north walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide vikings camp to constant war with various monsters and baddies around the world And, you will also battle against other viking camps as well.

Later on, you will be assigned to complete the quests, build up your settlement and get all kinds of rewards measured in mushrooms, fire ale and fish, the three main resources in this game.

In the way of collecting your rewards, make sure that your Ale House and Storehouse are upgraded enough
Also, be sure to max out your held resources
It is caused by, if you accidentally tap them out, you will lose the ability to add more until you upgrade.

Always stay alert as your resources can be stolen at any time by other players.
In lien with this, the rewards for quests cannot be stolen if they have not been collected yet
Therefore, you can leave your rewards alone for as long as possible.

Afterward, if you need to either train a massive amount of troops or do some heavy upgrading, you can go to get your rewards there.
Do not use resource packages from the black market unless you really need them.

When you are about to attack other camp, you have to scout opposing camps before you attack them
At this point, you can find camps that have been abandoned by other players.
Here, you will get more resources since they will continuously produce resources, but will never have any new defensive troops guarding their camps.

Early on the game, you can keep all of your troops in the catacombs while building up your army.
If your defenses are strong enough, you can take them out of the catacombs and let them fight against rival fighters.

Besides, you can also leave your offenses and your scouts inside of the catacombs at all times, because they are not important to fight against the attackers.

In order to unlock a whole new range of missions and upgrades, all you will do is to join clan raids on rival obelisks, as well as contributing resources to improving your own obelisks.

On the other side, you can try to attack and claim as many settlements as possible to the amount of troops you have got.

For such reasons, having enough defenses can guard your settlements
Anyway, raiding and stealing them will be a lot easier than keeping them
However, if you can guard them well, you can send your resources back to your central settlement
Moreover, you can rapidly increase the amount of troops you can train there.

In addition, this game will take emeralds as the premium currency of this game
You can get them by completing missions in the game
Or, you can purchase them through iaps


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