How to Get Eggs Tokens and Rubies in War Dragons iPhone

Pocket Gems has launched War Dragons, a competitive strategy game to the apple store where you will be allowed to control of a dragon breeder and to breed an epic dragons that you can use to attack enemies at once

war dragons walkthrough ios android

As a dragon master, you have to utilize their unique powers to fend off other dragon tamers and protect your kingdom
Here, you will also have to create your own magical kingdom with all sorts of conventional military defenses to protect it against dragon attacks.

Along the game, you can also get as many as six islands in your quest to expand your base.
And, you can get more than 70 dragons, each with its own set of spells.
These dragons will be categorized into three classes namely hunters, warriors, and sorcerers.

Later on, you have to level up your dragons that you can do by getting more bonus flames that means more experience
In line with this, using only 1 dragon will earn you two bonus flames, using 2 dragons 1 bonus flame, and using 3 or more will give you no bonus flames.
The main point is to focus on one dragon and only switch it if it is in danger

Furthermore, you will meet Ash that will advise you to be a master dragon tamer on your journey.
Be sure to accomplish missions from her, as you will receive a massive experience boost, and you can level up after completing some missions from her.

In the mean time, be sure to complete the Dragon Guard missions as you can earn egg tokens, that you can use to breed new dragons.

You will get some options to use some dragons with different abilities
Hunter dragons will have the rapid tap fireball attack that can deliver big burst damage on single targets.
Their abilities, such as Cloak and Evasion can make them dodge some incoming fire.
You can use them to take out top-priority towers.

Warrior dragons will have high health and support abilities, like Rejuvenate, Cure Poison, and Explosive Shield.
Their main flamethrower attack is to slow enemies with decent damage over a wide area.
You can use them to soften up the enemy’s base and set up the kill for your other dragons.

In order to hit up to three different towers at once, you can use Sorcerer dragons that comes along with a lock-on attack.
Fireball will help you take over a wide area with big damage, and Invincibility is very effective against dense tower areas.

Anyway, some dragons will be equipped with passive abilities, such as Archer Resist, which lets a dragon take reduced damage from archer towers.

When going for towers, you must learn each tower`s properties, such as the Cannon Tower’s powershot that has Flaming Cannonball, and it can break all shield spells on a dragon.
Using this tower will be handy to fight against Warrior-type dragons who have abilities like Explosive Shield.

Storm Towers has ability to place a protective shield on nearby towers, so that it will make them completely invincible for a very short time.
So, manage your towers well to make a strong defense

On the other side, productions farms, such as your sheep farms or your lumber mills can actually heal nearby towers, that will make them survive for longer.

Furthermore, in order to get the most powerful dragons, you can breed some dragons
Choosing two dragons in the breeder will inform you a list of what possible eggs you will get.
If you go for a new dragon, use the breed 20 eggs options, which costs an outrageous amount of rubies

At this phase, you can use eggs of dragons that you have hatched before.
After producing your first duplicate egg, you can unlock the Hall of Research in which it will allow you to research passive bonuses to your town and your dragons.
By doing a research, you will be able to earn some bonuses items

As usual, this game will feature ruby as the premium currency
As said earlier, you will be asked to complete every given mission in each stage
Completing some mission and getting victory in the battle field will grant you some rubies to collect
With these rubies, you can use them to breed some dragons into the most powerful ones that will be so much handy when battling with bosses


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