How to Get Easy Fast Gems in Overclock FPS iPhone

Overclock FPS from SkyVu Entertainment is the newest Battle Bears deathmatch game that you can recently play on the iOS and Android mobiles.

overclock fps walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you can load up on weapons and armor equipped on your character, then go to the battle from level to level where you can shoot each other with other players online.

Early on the game, you will start off with three characters, each with their own statistics
In line with this, you have to check their stats and experiment with the other three characters which will let you know what kind of specific stats before purchasing them used in the gun battle.

Besides, you can purchase new weapons and weapon upgrades once getting them into your team
To level them up, make sure to take part in games missions in which you will farm more gold coins, and gems, the main currencies of this game

Those coins and gems will really be useful to purchase upgraded weapons on the shop.
Here, you can get more gems in the quest as rewards

Moreover, you will be able to earn them more by completing each given mission and winning the gun battle with other opponents online
With these gems, you can go to purchase some items such as the weapons, armory and upgrades in the shop

In related to the weapons specifications, you will start with an assault rifle as your default weapon on early game
Then, you are also equipped with a sniper rifle in your inventory, and a pistol as a secondary weapon

During in early battle, you can use those weapons as appropriate to deliver more damage, and more efficient damage toward your opponents.

When getting involved in the gun battle, make sure to find a good hiding spot for sniping with your sniper rifle.
And, when being in the close combat situation, you can then switch to the pistol to deliver a high degree of damage to them.

On the other side, in order to earn more free gems, just go to the in-app purchase store then go to the free stuff button.
There, just follow the Battle Bears YouTube channel, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, or go to the forums.
Each time, you do all each offer, you will be rewarded with 10 gems apiece.

Plus, you can also collect free gems by recruiting your friends to play the game online with you as a party.

In accordance with this, all you will do is to send invites, send them to your friends who want to play this type of mobile games
Just be sure to have them sign up to get the rewards in form of free easy gems.


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