How to Get Easy Diamonds Fast in Tropical Wars iPhone

Tropical Wars from Game Alliance is a free action-packed strategy game which is specially designed for the ios and android platforms

tropical wars walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is the combination of a strategy with RPG and base building game, in which it also comes along with a sense of humor and a high addiction rating.

Along the game, you will have to develop your island faster then go for a battle to collect resources in form of gems or diamonds

Early on the game, you will be provided with few gems where you must use them for extra workers.
At this point, you can purchase 6 workers that will make your island a lot easier to build up.

Later on, you should consider to join an active alliance by tapping the egg surrounded by sharks to the left side of your island.
By doing so, you will be assigned to complete some missions for a ton useful rewards.
Besides, your ally members will also be able to send you ships or get revenge for your attacks, returning some of the loot you lost in battles.

On the other side, developing your island will need a bit of planning and time management.
In line with this, make sure your workers to focus on upgrading or researching new goodies for production

And, when you leave the game, be sure to send at least one worker to work on each resource site
Note that your workers need to sleep after a given period of time
Thus, log in the game within every several hours to wake them up so that they can keep collecting resources and doing their job.

When focusing on the research, you can develop buildings such as laboratory, town hall and command center

Developing laboratory will help your boats and help keep them alive
Here, you must focus on their health and shields first.

Developing town hall will help around your base and have a guaranteed effect which will give you more resources or save you resources first.

When coming to Command Center, you can focus on Preparation, Home Game and Nurse first, then upgrade the rest buildings for free resources, workers or time.

For further, it is the time to go for a flawless attacking which is categorized into two types of attacks which are Campaign Missions and World Battle or PvP.

Meanwhile, try doing the side missions to gain more resources and experience for your ships.
Remember that you must have a full number of ships when attacking the other players ships

During in the battle, make sure to protect your King ship since it has all those special powers and goodies.
To do so, you must always activate its spells and skills, including the healing.

At that time, try to flank the enemy with the King ship or put it in strategic position to do maximum damage toward enemies ships.
Just try to concentrate on a single ship at a time while destroying them one by one to get victory
Also, take advantage of the booster spots on the grid which will give you extra defense or offense.

In the mean time, try to keep your own ships at the back of the grid when the battle starts
And, get the other ones from your friends and allies at the top because the AI will usually hit the front ships first.

In addition, this game will feature gems or diamonds as the premium currency
In order to get them for free, all you will do is to win every battle
Therefore, always plan your best strategy when you are about to invade the other ships on the sea


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