How to Get Double Gems Coins in Frontier Defense iPhone

Frontier Defense from Pine Entertainment can be said as the combination of clicker games and tower defense games which you can play on the ios and it will come to android platform in the next updates.

frontier defense walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide three heroes to defend a tower from the wave of incoming attackers
Later on, you will do some upgrades, unlock new heroes to be added to your party
You will need them to deal with enemies which grow ever tougher once you complete each stage.

When having only one hero in your party, just tap with multiple fingers at a time to speed up your defense.
Be sure to tap on the target, which will make you beat them much more quickly

After going through each stage, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to upgrade your heroes and their attack power
And, with upgraded heroes, you can now keep on attacking them while getting more coins at a time.

Besides, you must also upgrade your castle and your defenses
When doing this, you have to upgrade the health of the castle and purchase some new defenses

Note that each hero in this game comes along with special skill which you must save for the boss battle When dealing with boss, you can tap the auto buttons to automatically tapping the enemies in that stage
You can do this after defeating one of the bosses in the game

Once completing from one stages to another, you will be able to unlock more heroes
Also, you will be granted with gems, the premium currency of this game
It will be better to save up your gems for relics, which will give you permanent boosts to your tower and heroes.

If you want to get free gifts in form of coins and gems, you can watch the ad videos.
Just complete the achievements to collect coins and gems for free.
To access your achievements, just look at an exclamation mark next to the achievement icon indicated by the trophy
Just tap the icon to unlock achievement containing coins and gems to collect fro free.


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