How to Get Double Crystals in War of Krystal Android

NGames Interactive Limited has presented War of Krystal into mobile users, ios and android
This game is a kind of a real-time MMO action along with Unity 3D engine

war of krystal walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the game, you will be allowed to select one of the classes namely Knight, Mage, and Hunter.

Warrior is hero with high strong in defense and resistant that can also make a significant damage and lack defense against magical damage though.

Mage is a kind of hero that can perform magic damage zone to 5 enemies of the opposing team.
This hero also has high magic damage but it has low defense.

Hunter is a hero that has big physical damage and this hero can attack on a special line.
This hero also has good skills and high dodge and critical chance when battling with some enemies.

Later on, you will also have to learn some features available to your characters and his assistants.
P atk is physical attack
M atk is magic attack
S atk is special attack
P def is def M or S def
Rage ability is triggered when the bar is full
PV comes to point of life
Violent is chance to critical strikes
Violent effect will increase critical damage
Anti-violence can be said as anti crit
Parade is parry chance
Parade of Effect will increase damage reduction during a parade
Breaking activity reduces the chances of being counter
Dodge is how you evade chances the attack
Precision can be used to reduce the chances of dodging attacks

After choosing one of the hero classes and learning some features of this game, you will now be able to go for core PvP game play with legion battle, Scramble, Loot etc.

You can also forge and enhance your weapons and equipments, as well as collecting vast bounties of treasure and team up with friends then manage formations and tactics to boost your troops

When it comes to forge weapons, you will have to learn different levels of quality of equipment
White Equipment or rookie at level 20 max
Green Appliances or glory at level 40 max
Blue Appliances or original at level 60 max
Violet Equipment or crystal at level 80 max
Yellow equipment reveres + 100 max level
Orange equipment or karma that is a supplement
Red Equipment or Gaea that is a supplement

Furthermore, you can also created legion that will come to guild or alliance
But, you must reach level 30 to create a legion in that the maximum number of members will be 30 in every legion

You will also see some activities like a legion bosses as well as the territory of achievement in legion.

Here, the head of a legion can appoint five members elites and they will help the Head in the management of members and territorial attacks.

At this point, the head of legion is the only hero that can go through all warehouse where everything are stored seals of earth dragon pledge that you will need along the game

For further, you will be given with new mission that you have to complete for collecting certain rewards
And, every time you log in the game, you will be rewarded with crystals or gems as giveaways
Also, you can get hero pack if you can beat all enemies in each stage
And, be sure to make a combo action to beat some enemies in this game with ease


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