How to Get Diamonds in Beat the Boss 4 iPhone

Beat the Boss 4 is the next previous series of Beat the Boss pr known as Kick the Boss, a popular game from Game Hive which is specially designed for the ios and android platforms

beat the boss 4 walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to beat the crap out of your boss with various weapons
Early on the game, when fighting against a new boss for the first time, they will challenge you with a timer bar, then with having a force field coming up every so often that wards off attacks.

In the beginning of the game, when attacking the boss, your first weapon is the pencils
So, all you will do is to tap to fire it to your boss

After getting a weapon, you must upgrade it to increase the damage and drop the amount of time that it takes to beat the boss.
Just tap the up button in the store menu to activate the upgrade menu.

On the other side, you can craft some weapons and dropped whenever you beat the boss, in which the drops will be random no matter who you are beating up.

As usual, this game will feature diamonds and gold coins as the main currencies
With enough coins, you can go to the store area to purchase five hearts for 250 coins
To get more coins, you will automatically earn them every time you beat the boss anyways

Moreover, you can also get diamonds for free by beating the boss
In line with this, you can also get diamonds by tapping the Free Diamonds button in the store to watch one of the ad videos listed in the menu then complete one of the offers there.

Every time, you beat all of the bosses on one map, you will be able to unlock a whole other map with a whole all bosses there, in which you can also have the ability to custom your own boss.
At this point, you can edit the look of your blood and your weapons when you are about to use them in the game


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