How to Get Diamonds Coins in Rob and Roll iPhone

DeNA has launched Rob and Roll as a new level-based pachinko game where it is served with casual musical pinball game introducing cute minions and fun action that you can play recently on the ios device and it may come to android in the next updates

rob and roll walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to send your team members knocking down buildings, hitting pins, and generally doing as much damage as possible in the level while flying
In the mean time, you will also be tasked to gather up coins and diamonds, as well as rune stones.

To play this game, you will simply send your team members flying into battle as fast as you can.
When they come back down, you will see a cooldown period to last just a few seconds.

Later on, you will then send them flying back again
You must do this as every level has a limited timer, in which if the timer runs out, you will not get the chance to rob more coins from the buildings in it.

Anyway, if you lose a level, you will still earn some coins that you have collected in said level.
Just play as many times as you want in a row to collect coins there.

In related to gems or diamonds, the premium currency of this game, you can replay old levels to get more gems
At the same time, you will also be able to get more stars there

Once getting enough coins, you can use them to upgrade your characters.
In line with this, just go to the team area and spend coins to train specific stats for your minions.

There, all you will do is to keep training them until their stats has increased so that you can beat levels that you cannot beat.
Having powered minions will be handy to beat old levels and winning them.

On the other side, you will also be able to collect free diamonds by completing the various missions
Here, you will get different gemstones, but you must try to get the diamonds as your top priority

After getting 25 gems, you can now go to the store and spend them on getting a new 3-star character.
Go to add your new character to your lineup, since this new kind of character will give your team a big advantage.

For further, go to the arena to compete with other players for league rewards.
If you compete in higher league, you will get higher rewards in form of diamonds.

Meanwhile, you can now go to the expedition with the various keys that you have collected there
Now, you can also get new rune stones, which will be useful to upgrade your minions into the strongest ones.


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