How to Get Diamonds Coins in Real Boxing 2 Creed iPhone

Vivid Games has recently launched their new boxing game called Real Boxing 2 Creed on the apple store which is the tie in game with the upcoming movie Creed.

reall boxing 2 creed walkthrough apple watch

In this game, you will be able to create your own fighter and train under the legendary Rocky Balboa to rise up the ranks and to be the world champion

When playing this game, do not tap your screen rapidly as this will make you run out stamina fast and make your punches become much slower and have more end lag
Moreover, it will also make you wide open to counter attacks.
So, just punch in moderation and always pay attention to your stamina, while considering your defense for a little while.

Later on, you will go through each level consisting of three stars to get
To get these stars and complete each level, it is based on how many of your attempted attacks actually land.

Note that, blocked attacks here will not be counted, always watch your step and learn the move of your opponent

To make you stronger, you must train your character in the gym
In line with this, every action you make in the gym is counted with the stat point.
Once having enough points and filling up that bar, you will get a permanent point towards that stat.
So, just make you to train your character every so often

During the fight, you can charge any move such as jabs, hooks, uppercuts toward your opponent
And, if your gloves starts to glow it indicates that your swing is fully charged.

At this point, you can let it go to deliver a stronger blow.
And, if you see that your opponent is blocking a lot, you can simply sneak in fast hits
Also, make sure to block charged hits form your opponent.

As usual, diamonds and coins are the main currencies of this game that you can use to get some gear
You can collect these currencies each time you can complete a level
Plus, if you can win a round, you will be rewarded with a bunch of these currencies
Except gear, each equipment will boost your character`s stats in some way.

To block opponent`s punch, throwing out lightning fast punches will make you tired faster.
For such reasons, you can use slower, more precise punches.

In addition, your rival will do the same thing, so you must know when to block and recover in which it will be useful when you have low on stamina.
And, if you see your opponent on the all-out offense, just block it, that is a good way


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