How to Get D Ticket Diamonds for A+ Cards in Disney Magical Dice iPhone

Disney Magical Dice as Disney’s 1st mobile board game is the new product of Netmarble Games in which this game seems to adapt a monopoly game system

disney magical dice walkthrough ios android

What this game is so unique is that it features a cast of Disney Characters and themes where you will gather up cards and roll the magic dice to have an epic adventure across fantastic Disney worlds

Similar to any monopoly game out there, always use your best card such as an A+ Stitch card
The main point is to use the highest rarity card with the best numbers in all areas.
In line with this, those higher rarity cards come with the best stats

Later on, you may see Power Up that can level up your cards
You can do this by tapping the Cards button from the main menu.
In line with this, you can power-up rare cards such as the ones in A or A+ then fuse two cards to get better one
According to this, you may need two max level cards of the same type when fusing them

Meanwhile, getting an A card in early levels will be easy since you will merely log in the game regularly to get such card through check-in events

Meanwhile, you will then be able to access and unlock a ton of character cards that you can get by completing missions, logging in multiple days in the row and spending in-game money
Anyway, just play this game regularly to get a lot of cards for your collection.

On the other side, hearts can be the ones needed to play this game
To get more hearts, you can ask your friends for sending you hearts

In this game, yo will have to complete missions namely Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
By completing them you will be rewarded with a ton of valuable items such as diamond, the premium currency of this game

Moreover, make sure to check the Lucky Bonus to spin the wheel once daily
Doing this will allow you to earn money, diamonds, or hearts.

To get more diamonds for free, you can connect the game to your Facebook account so that you can add your friends to play and ask for diamonds from them
Plus, you will also get three premium costume card packs.
With diamonds, you can get new dice such as Mickey’s dice which will be the best one to play with

Also, participating in the daily missions will allow you to open a card pack or to play one match, which will earn you a premium costume card pack as a reward

During the game, always purchase everything and complete lines or colors or whatever.
Early on the game, you may spend some gold coins to get a bit of an advantage in the game
Here, you can try to roll a double the first time
Doing this will start with a fortune card and one or more boosts which really help you along the way

In addition, you can also get magic items through leveling up high class costume cards and doing well with lucky draws.
Having such magic items will allow you to double your salary and moves
When playing this game against your friend, you can win through a triple completion
It means that you may have to complete a whole line of spots
And, you can collect all the magical spots to get your victory at ease.


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