How to Get Cyber Coins in Transformers Battle Tactics iPhone

Transformers: Battle Tactics from DeNA will allow you to build a team of four robots, then you will go to the battle field to fight against your rivals team consisting of four robots as well.

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Your main goal in this game is to defeat all robots belonging to your rivals to collect more resources, cyber coins, gold and a lot of free stuffs, that you can use to build the strongest team ever.

Gold here is a kind of the main currency that you have to gather up along the game
In line with this, there are still two free drops you can get.
The base drops and the deluxe drops will usually provide you both cyber coins, different parts for constructing unlocked transformers, and even sometimes new transformers or gold.

After collecting cyber coins from the battle with enemies, you can use them to upgrade your units that you already have in order to strengthen them, so that they will be able to beat tougher players of your tier.

When going for the battle, you are matched up against other players in the same tier
And, if you upgrade tiers too quickly, you will end up losing most of your battles against them
However, by upgrading the level of your characters, they will be more powerful and they can match up against tougher players.

Sometimes, enabling push notifications will be great way to get a reminder whenever one of the drops becomes available to gather up.

Meanwhile, be sure to pay attention to the mix of characters in your team
For such reasons, with the right mix, you will be able to collect a set bonus.
At this point, just go to the “set bonus” area to check what the potential bonuses are.
Moreover, this bonuses set will give your entire team a buff, in which if you have slightly worse stats than the other player, you can still push you over the edge in a tough battle.

Mixing the robots and having some abilities also make a difference in battle.
Here, you will not need to re-spin, and you have to try something different, such as using your ability points to build toward an air strike.

For further, if you can survive the first turn against a tough enemy, you will get the major advantage during the second turn that you can do by hammering them with an airstrike first.
In the mean time, you can use a photon strike, which requires two ability points, in which it will provide a much needed boost against a tough enemy.

Besides, collecting more gold coins in the battle, you will also have to gather up some unique packs consisting of the most powerful robots in this game


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