How to Get Credits to Unlock VIP Pass in First Touch Soccer 2015 iPhone

First Touch Games has launched First Touch Soccer 2015 where you can take a control of your team that you can manage your team in Manager Mode.

fts15 walkthrough ios android

As a manager, you can sign new players, negotiate contracts and customize your club’s stadium with a stadium editor where you can upgrade your stadium to increase your capacity for larger gate receipts Er revenue.

Once you get solid team, you can have a match where you must watch your game and dribble around your opponents to make a goal.
During in the match, you can aim a set piece.
And, you can simply rotate the camera, by swiping left or right in the central area of the screen.

Sometimes, you will see that your players are getting tired in which you should bring on a substitute.
You can do this, pause the game, and enter Team Management.

In team management, you can change your line up by choosing players and tapping the SWAP button in the bottom right.
Also, you are able to heal injured players by highlighting a player and tapping on the heal button.
To renew player contracts, transfer list or release players, and also change shirt numbers, you can do that on the contract button.

In order to play this game well, you must learn the basic control to move your players
Button A is the hard-kick or shoot button where you can hold this button longer for having more power when shooting the ball.
You can also use this button for shots, clearances or long passes.
You can also do a slide tackle by pressing this button.

Button B is the low-kick or pass button in that you can also shoot with this button.
When being in the match, you can hold the button longer for more power.
You can also use this to pass the ball between team mates or into space.
When defending the line, you can hold the button to make your player pressure the ball.

Button C is the lob button where you can also hold this button longer for having more power to shoot the ball.
Also, you can use this button to move the ball around the pitch in the air.
Using this button, you can also pass or shoot the ball from one player to another.
When defending the line, be sure to use this button to change the controlled player.

During in the match, when you posses the ball, you can double tap the right hand side of the screen to perform a skill move.

As usual, this game will feature credits or cash as the premium currency
To get more cash, you can invest in your club in which it is a great way to grant your club with a quick cash injection
Meanwhile, when looking to sign new players, you can also build a new stadium or get out of debt to save your cash

In addition, be sure to have more matches that will give you more credits cash that you can use to unlock VIP Pass
By winning in each match, you will be granted with more cash that also you can use to upgrade your stadium and get a new and better player


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