How to Get Credits in Evolve Hunter Quest iPhone

Evolve: Hunters Quest from 2K Games is a kind of a match 3 puzzle combat game where you match 3 tokens in the same color to deliver devastating attacks on the enemies, and you must also fill up your energy bars to activate hunters’ special abilities.

evolve hunter`s quest walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, you will have to battle through over 100 exciting missions and earn Mastery Points that you can use to rank up your character in the console game
Afterward, you will continue to explore the planet of Shear to look for new wildlife and monsters while discovering and completing your collection of exotic wildlife in the Bestiary

In the mean time, you can also earn unique art for the Evolve console game as well as improving your Evolve skills by watching your multiplayer match replays from a strategic top-down view, and devouring intel in the Game Changer.

On the other words, playing this fun match 3 game will bring you to unlock in-game items in the full game and level up your characters then unlock different abilities.

In this game, some of your squad members can have more damage than others such as member for support and healing

In line with this, matching at the bottom is your best call, no matter what tiles you have there in which when the upper rows start falling down and new tiles appear, you may get some extra matches and cause a lot more damage toward enemies.

At this point, your squad members in the red and yellow will cause more damage toward enemies.
Either way, they all also cause damage and attack monsters, so you must make a strategy and match the tiles accordingly.
Also, you can add some extra energy to your bar to unlock a new super power to beat tough enemies.

Along the game, your squad members will automatically choose a monster to attack
At this stage, you can change that selection by simply tapping the monster that you want to attack.
Here, you must check out how many turns each of them needs before charging
You must consider the damage that they are causing and which is their target and decide which is the monster you should beat first

Still with your squad members, each of them has three different special attacks that you can unlock by matching tiles corresponding to the color of your character

After unlocking them, you can decide when and which one to use
Usually, the first one will unleash damage and nothing else or wait to completely fill the meter up.

In addition, after creating monster token matches for three times, the monster will automatically attack.
Thus, if you see this, you can always use your squad members’ super skills to get rid of some from the board, which is even more useful though.


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