How to Get Credits Coins in Courage of Fire Android

SummerTimeStudio has brought Courage of Fire to android and ios soon
This game is a kind of a fire survival action game about a firefighter extinguishing the blaze in various locations such as at warehouses, in sewer tunnels, a subway, and an entire city.

courage of fire walkthrough ios android

All you will do here is to touch screen to turn on the water cannon while changing your point of view to the front, back, left, and right to put out the fire
In the mean time, your movement speed will be faster when water cannon is turned off.

Every time you do an actions in each mission, you will level up by gaining experience.
Based on the level you have got, you will be able to purchase various items which enhance your character to face bigger fires

Once making progress through some missions, the difficulty increases, and areas to be extinguished will get wider in which you will also see many “hidden flames” that occur when approached.
At the same time, you have to find all the flames to earn more experience points and coins to purchase some items for your character

To move our character, you will simply use the stick on the left side of the screen to move forward, backward, then left and right.

At this point, you can use the stick on the right to change your viewpoint simultaneously and the direction of the hose.
You can also move faster with the hose off.

To extinguish the fire, you will also use water that will flow as long as you touch the stick on the right and you can use two ways to discharge water
Just switch water types depending on the fire you are dealing with.
Make sure to select the appropriate water pressure to extinguish the flames
Then, get your finger off that button to not use the water.

When doing your missions, make sure to always see mini map that will show you the location of fires.
Also, see the status bar showing you remaining time, coins collected, and score
Change water pressure by pressing water pressure button
HP Bar will tell you status of your HP.

Once collecting coins, you can use them to purchase equipment upgrades to help extinguish fires quickly
Sometimes, you can also get collectible items after a fire is put out.
Pick them up as soon as you see them, because you will have to replay the stage to get them


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