How to Get Core Packs for More Souls in BlazBlue Battle Cards iPhone

BlazBlue: Battle Cards from Metaversal Studios offers and introduces a new portable card game where you will simply build your decks which are based on your favorite characters and fight against other players for victory

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When building your card deck, every character has a unique playstyle, so you can build the deck around your chosen character’s strengths.
At this occasion, Taokaka will come along with a unique ability on her heat cards called Cat Scratches that can make your opponents take extra damage when they guard attacks

In accordance with this, you can build a deck with her full of basic attack cards that have different ranges.
The main point is try to have an experiment with characters to see which ones you consider the best to continue playing this game

Early on this game, it will be better to save your Break as it will turn the flow of battles and it can be used actively in a match once
At this point, your timing and prediction will be a key to utilizing breaks to their fullest potential that will lead you to get your victory in this game

In line with this, a Break Burst is used as a break reaction command and you can do this before your opponent plays their cards which can cancel their turn.
Using this break burst will be really handy if you see that your opponent has a big combo lined up and you have no cards to counter or defend with.

Meanwhile, Overdrive can be said as active your break where it can reset your current reach combo and prevent your rival from using break burst

Moreover, it will be indeed effectively letting you string together multiple combos.
As an illustration, if you have multiple cards of 1’s and 2’s reaches in your hand, try to play two combos using overdrive.

On the other side, you repertoire or blue cards are the cards that have no heat cost or heat replenishes.
Otherwise, you grimoire or red cards are the cards that spend heat.

Later on, when it is time to draw, it will be better to have a balance between to two for the early stages.
Then, if you want to build heat with your blue cards, you can use your powerful red cards, in which they are be able to expend heat and they usually include your character’s Distortion Drive card, which is called as the super move.

In accordance with this line, distortion drive cards are your character’s ultimate attack that cost around 4 heat to play
Anyway, they cannot be countered by defensive cards.
So, be sure to use these cards when having a big opening with no hope of your opponent counter-attacking, after your rivals have used their break.

In order to get more defensive, try to keep cards with a variety of ranges of them in your hand.
Having some cards with ranges from 1, 2, 3, and so forth will allow you to block anything your opponent throws out at you.
At this phase, if you block with an attack card, you will take 1 chip damage afterwards.
For such reasons, playing this game defensively will really help a lot to beat your opponent.

Here, bounties are like quests that will give you some neat stuff and new characters when you have accomplished them
Along the game, you will get souls, that you can spend to get core packs the you can use to get more souls
In order to get these souls, you can get them from winning matches against other players.


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