How to Get Comets in Dawn of Gods iPhone

Dawn of Gods from Aeria Games is included into a base-building strategy game for the ios platform where you will get to control a bustling city and the army while building and defending your base with the strength of all-powerful Gods such as Zeus, Odin, Ra, and more

dawn of gods walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you can also create a guild with your allies then get involved in the battle with the other players worldwide online

Here, you can play with a hundred Greek, Norse, and Egyptian Gods and use their divine strength to destroy rival player bases and fortify your base.

Early on the game, you must start building your base structures straight away with all resources you have.

In the mean time, always look to follow a steady upgrade for your structures
Upgrading the structures will provide you with a balanced pool of resources which you will need to develop your base
Plus, it will also save amounts of time, since cheaper structures and upgrades need less time to build.

Similar to the most free to play games out there, you can collect your daily log-in rewards and free summons
In line with this, you will get rewards such as rare items, new gods, which can usually be acquired with premium currency.

Once everything is ready, you will now prepare for battle with the incoming enemies
Before going to the battlefield, make sure to survey the area so that you will know where to deploy your gods and troops there

Once they are deployed, they are no longer under your control so you should avoid deploying them in heavily walled-off areas.

At the same time, it will highly be recommended to search for priority targets such as enemy ballistics and watchtowers
Make sure to take them out since they will attack your army

On the other side, make sure to have enough troops for the task and resources to supply and build your base.

Moreover, you must train more troops at the ready situation.
If you see some being overwhelmed, you can retreat then develop your troops and gods
Meanwhile, you can prepare more reinforcements to go for the battle and win it with any mean necessary.

In addition, your gods will come along with their mainly weapon in form of comet
Anyway, you must get it form iap store
Sometimes, you may get it if you can complete mission coming along with rewards


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