How to Get Coins tCrystals in Call of Mini Squad iPhone

Trinity Interactive has launched Call of Mini Squad on the ios and android platforms where you will be brought to battle with walking dead along the game

call of mini squad walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be as a leader of your unit and you have to build shelter together with your companions Throughout the game, you will explore each area to battle enemies and search for more survivors

In the mean time, you should also take your survival team to look for all usable resources constantly.
Always remember to guard against not only walking dead, but you must stay alert of the advancing path.

Along the game, you will simply battle with enemies to gain more exp that will level up your characters
Once completing first level, you will get lots of XP for getting 3 stars.
After getting 3 stars on a level, you will get 90% less XP for later levels

As usual, this game will feature currencies in form of tcrystals or gems and coins
In line with this, every time you battle with enemies and take them out, you will be granted with a bunch of coins

Anyway, collecting a bunch of tcrystals will be hard as they are the premium currency of this game
Generally, you will get them freely by completing each level successfully
Then, you will be redirected to the apple store to purchase them with your money
Thus, be sure to complete each mission to get them for free


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