How to Get Coins Gold in Flight Alert Impossible Landings iPhone

Flight Alert: Impossible Landings Flight Simulator from Fun Games for Free can be said as a new aircraft landing simulator that is specifically designed for the ios devices

flight alert impossible landings walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to land a big passenger jet in various conditions
Here, you will be tasked to land your jet in the perfect weather and sunny to rainy days with bad landing gear and a blown engine.

Each time, you can complete the task, you will get coins and gold, which will be useful to purchase new jets, and upgrade them to get more power and comfier landings.

When you have already throttled down in landing your jet, do not descend too fast or you will descend out of control and crash the jet.
Also, do not think to use turns since it will carry you farther into the turn than you want to go very easily
For such reasons, you can merely stop a turn far before doing so

On the other side, you can also turn it as gradually as possible while keeping the balance of your jet
Besides, be sure to have the runway in sight while looking for the approach lights when trying to land your jet in the rainy or foggy conditions

In the mean time, you can aim your jet as straight as possible to make the safe landing if you are a bit crooked.

As usual, this game will feature coins and gold that you can collect in any other way
Coins here will be useful to get some upgrades.

In order to get more coins, you can play the special stages as these stages will give you much coins than old normal levels and contract levels.

When playing in the special stages, you will be assigned to do all of the same things like playing in the normal stages whereby you must try to land your jet in serious conditions

In accordance with this, when playing in the bird strike stage, you can try to play with the turns a bit to keep the jet straight, as this will pull to the side a bit.
Sometimes, you will land the jet with the landing gear broken, and you must do this very softly and carefully compared to the normal landing.

With all gold you have collected through the stages, you can use it to purchase half of the new jets
In the way of getting this gold, you can merely watch the ad videos which will earn you free gold

Later on, just tap the free gold button with the little video icon and watch videos.
Once watching the ad video you will be granted with some free gold.
If you get the ad videos run out, just play for a little bit then come back to the videos button to watch more videos from there.


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