How to Get Coins Gems in Hero Jump Android

Elite Games has made and launched the best real 3d jump racing game, which is called Hero Jump
To play this game, you will simply tap screen to make hero jump, jump, jump for high score

hero jump walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will do is to jump to kill monsters and avoid obstacles.
When performing your action, if you can beat the same 3 monsters in a row, you can power up your heroes.
In this game, you will be given with a bunch of heroes to choose from such as Hero, Ninja, Storm, Wolf, etc

As usual, this game will need currencies in form of coins and gems
In order to get more coins, you can try to participate daily missions that will give you 1600 coins and some other items as rewards

Missions in this game will be categorized into normal and event missions
Normal missions are the missions that accumulate over time
If you can complete that missions, you will be rewarded with some good rewards.

Except normal missions, you will be able to try to play in event missions that can be categorized into special missions with a time limit, in that you should also finish them as soon as possible to get more valuable rewards in form of gems and coins.

As for consideration, you can pick the best hero in this game either Connor, Justin or Brandon
Connor may be the best hero in the game but it needs 500 gems to unlock.
Anyway, if you do not want to purchase it with gems, you can select Justin over Brandon

Besides, you can also pick the best pet in this game
In related to this pet, you can also purchase it with gems
At first, you can pick the most expensive pet gus.
On the other side, you can try to get Rocco over Toby as the coins are more important than score here

Once collecting enough coins, you have to upgrade purchase Pet Rocco first
It will be better to purchase Pet Rocco when the cost of your Justin Upgrade is equal to the purchase cost of Pet Rocco.
Later on, you have to upgrade your heroes once you have gathered enough gems


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