How to Get Coins for Boosters in Car Race Freestyle iPhone

As you can see on the apple store, car racing game is still the most addictive and entertaining physics gameplay that anyone likes playing one of them on their phone.

car race freestyle wakthrough ios android

Recently, that apple store has also newcomer, a physics-based racing platforming game that is Car Race Freestyle game which will allow you to drive your car through amazing wire tracks while avoiding some hilarious obstacles along the paths.
While driving your car on the road, be sure not touch cutter, pusher or cross the red signal.

In the way of controlling a car and getting through crazy obstacle courses, you can try out these following steps so that you can dodge deadly traps and handle the trickiest tracks

At the beginning of the initial levels, you can try to use the classic retro for the straight track
Here, the Air Breaker or the second selectable car will have a tendency to tip over backwards when you are using it on the straight track.

Using the classic retro speeds the Air Breaker by a lot, and it has better control.
When being in this phase, the straight track is actually supposed to be the jumping track
It is caused by, if you play the jumping track, that track will be completely flat.

Always remember to use the brakes as if it is left unchecked, your car will flip over on itself and that will be the end of your run.
To deal with this, you can hit your brakes to lock your back tires as this will propel your car forward instead of backwards.

Also, stay alert of incoming hazards indicated by the red exclamation mark pop up at the right side of the screen.

Cutter hazard is sawblades swing from one point to another and they will do a full rotation.
They are pretty slow though, so you can try to stop and go slow if it is necessary.

Pusher obstacles are pretty odd looking like suits of armor with a small cylindrical pillar that is coming out the bottom.
Do not touch this pillar at all, or your car will be crushed so you have to wait until it retracts back into the base to pass.

Signals can be said as a traffic light, in which the red light will have a number in it meaning its countdown.
Once it finishes, the red light will turn on.
Make sure not to touch the patterned line below the light or it will end your run so you have to wait until it deactivates to pass.

This game also features coins and the premium currency that you can get by playing a lot on the Curve
At this point, your car’s physics can change on this track, that will make you stick to the track, which leads to easy control.

Besides, coins spawn all over this track, and if you get further, the coins will be worth more.
And, they will spawn in groups of 4-5 coins, as opposed to the 1-3 groups you will also find on the straight and jumping tracks that are usually only worth single digit values
Meanwhile, you can find the ones on curve that can be worth 1000 coins

In addition, you can use some boosters that will help you complete each stage with ease
In line with this, you will start out with 5 boosters then you can activate them during any race.
Activating these boosters will make you temporarily invincible
Thus, if you find yourself in the long run about to run into disaster, it will highly be recommended to activate this to continue racing and get coins as reward.


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