How to Get Coins Cash in Pele Soccer Legend iPhone

Pelé: Soccer Legend from Cosi Productions is a new goal-kicking game, which is specially made for the ios and android users

pele soccer legend walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to kick goals around the goalie and around the defenders
In the mean time, you will have to rack up combos and gain high scores

To train your skill, you can firstly play in a single player mode
Then, play in multi-player competition modes to get more coins cash to be used to purchase new balls and new outfits and other goodies.

Always do many kinds of kicks to get the ball around everyone and make a goal
You can use a standard swipe in a specific direction to kick the ball straight towards the area of the goal where you are swiping towards.

When doing so, you can even curve the ball that you can do by swiping in a C or a reverse-C pattern
Doing this will really be handy when you have way too many defenders and perform a straight swipe

You will start the game with hearts, and you will need one heart to play each level.
To get more hearts for free in the game, just connect through Facebook and ask your friends for sending their hearts for you

Coins and cash are the main currencies of this game that you can get in any other ways
To get them, always be sure to complete every single task available on this game

If you can kick the ball closer to the edge of the net, you will get more points which allow you to gain a 3-star kick
It means that you will be able to get hundreds of points
Besides, you will also get more points, even if there are no defenders trying to get around.

If you have mastered single mode, you can try playing in versus mode, where you can play on levels
At this point, you may bet more coins at higher levels
And, if you can win in that level, you will get double coin
In accordance with this, try to compete with your friends in London or Rome to get more coins

Later on, you will have to earn coveted 3-star score
At certain points, you may need to collect more stars to unlock more levels.
So, just replay the levels where you have not yet three-starred, and play there until you have enough stars which allows you to go to the next levels in this game


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