How to Get Coins Cash for New Cars in Blocky Traffic Racer Android

Fast Free Games has presented Blocky Traffic Racer, an arcade racing game on the android platform and it may be available on the ios platform soon

blocky traffic racer walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you have to drive your cute cartoony car in an endless journey in which you will have to drive it fast and overtake the incoming traffic by near missing them.

Also, you are tasked to collect a bunch of coins that you can use to purchase new cars.
You can also upgrade your car with that gold and it will be better to purchase new vehicles

Every car herein has an upgrade limit, it means you can only upgrade the speed, handling, and braking for a specific limits.

Then, when getting your car upgraded into maximum, you must purchase new vehicles so that you will get a new vehicle without upgrades.

On the other words, purchasing new car is like upgrading your old car but it comes along with a higher speed, handling and braking limitations.
So, every time you have earned coins in each race, you must save coins to get new vehicles much faster than upgrading the old ones.

When going to upgrade your car, always consider to the stats
Speed is the most useful upgrade in the game as you earn coins through your kilometer distance, overtakes and high speed.
Handling and Braking will really help you survive along the track
Anyway, you do not need to worry about surviving as you can play this game without lives or fuel limitation like the other games in similar.

As starter car, you will only unlock the Taxi as your first car
And, if you choose big cars, they are easier to collide with others even if you have two lives.

With Taxi, you will have a large gap with the vehicle that costs 30,000 coins in terms of their Speed, Handling and Braking.
For such reason, if you have the Taxi, you can upgrade it and save your coins to purchase the most expensive car in this game.

In order to get some coins for free, all you will have to do is simply to go driving as long as possible
Every time, you have long distance, you will be granted with rewards including coins


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