How to Get Cargo Coins in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D iPhone

Fun Games For Free will give you a chance of being a pilot flying various jets accomplishing different tasks in the game of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D.

flight pilot simulator 3d wallkthrough ios android

Every level will provide you a set coin bonus, if you can manage to get all three stars.
By completing the level you will be rewarded with star, then you have to find the hidden star in the level, and the last one for not retrying from a checkpoint.

Coin is the main currency of this game, where you can gather coins from Free Flight mode
In this mode, you will fly around the world at your own pace
You will also see hot air balloons flying around to collect, that will earn you around 1000 coins per balloon.

On the other side, you can also take on contracts, which are essentially mini missions.
Here, yo should check your radar colored blips around the world.
Just follow the radar to one, land at the airport, and you take on a contract.

In line with this, you need to complete the Special mission of each rank.
You will be prompted to accomplish missions where you will have to purchase an airplane made specifically for the mission.

Contracts will pay out differently and they have different distances
So, choose the one that you really want to do.

Sometimes you must rescue someone, sometimes you will race as well.
They are all color coded to check the radar to make sure that you will go to the one you want to do. Completing such mission objective will give you from 1000 to 3000 coins, sometimes even higher

You can also try to use a button that says 1x in that it is the current speed that the game is running at.
Just tap it to change to 2x, so that the game will be at double speed.
At the beginning of the level, your starting plane will come along with an extremely low max speed stat, so this is very useful until you can afford your next plane.
Moreover, if you want to travel a long distance, doing this will be great for reducing time spent

Always use your plane’s brakes and landing gear when it is necessary
After taking off successfully, you should raise your landing gears.
When you have your landing gears out, you can land it at ease
But, if your maximum speed is reduced when they are out, so you should not keep them out when you are flying.
When you come back in for a landing, you must enable your brakes once you are on the ground as this will ensure you stop faster than usual.

In addition, if anytime your plane starts to control oddly, try to pause the game and calibrate your phone.
You can hold your phone in the neutral position, then tap the calibrate button as this will set your gyroscope center point to your phone`s recent position.



  1. What is the point of the coins? They just collect and collect with no apparent way to spend them. I can find no explanation anywhere online.

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