How to Get Bucks to Unlock New Characters in Halfpipe Hero iPhone

Halfpipe Hero from Bit Free Games can be categorized into an awesome arcade skateboarding game which offers retro graphics and quick gameplay designed specially for the ios devices.

halfpipe hero walkthrough ios android

Here, you will be a pro skater which will get you to build momentum, pull off sick tricks, and shine like a hero

On the other words, this game is a simple one-touch game which needs a lot of precision to master it.
Your objective here is to perform a unique tricks to earn the big bucks to unlock all heroes

When performing your action, try to nail down the land timing to get bigger cash
In line with this, you will notice it during your first couple of jumps that a green exclamation mark appearing over your hero’s head

You can see that when it is the perfect time to tap which will make the window appear to be right after your hero in a full 360 revolution.

As said earlier, your tap will determine your success when making tricks in this game
Based upon how close you are when tapping your hero, you will be rated on your accuracy

If you do it perfectly according to the apex of your rotation, your accuracy will be better.
In the mean time, you will have to try to manage to land perfectly in a row to enter fever mode.
Later on, if you can keep up fever mode any longer, you will easily earn more cash and points score

On the other side, you do not need to time your land on your very first rotation
Anyway, doing your land perfectly will gain you a quickflip bonus that will earn you more points and cash.

Meanwhile, if you want to tap fast, just wait for another rotation to tap.
Always make sure to take your time to perform a high combo

According to the previous statement, you will have to earn some cash to unlock new heroes
In order to make big bucks at ease, all you will do is to watch the advertisement videos

In accordance with this, every advertisement will last about 30 seconds long
If you can watch it once, you will earn a whopping $200 at ease
Furthermore, just keep doing this if you want to rack up more cash for free in this game

In addition, to master this game, you will have to try to practice for more
Besides, try to practice your timing to earn a ton of money for free.
Always consider to practice to land in perfectly until you can have a perfect flips
Then, keep doing this until you will be able to land perfect flips on your first rotation
Each time, you can do that action well, you will be rewarded with the quickflip bonus.


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