How to Get Black Stones Gems in Fisherman Fisher iPhone

Fisherman Fisher is the product of Blue Wind which can be included into a really interesting endless clicker type of game for the ios and android devices.

fisherman fisher walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game seems to be a unique combination of multiple genres, where you will get to earn more money, more fish and upgrade your ship to the maximum.

To play this game, all you will do is to tap the fish or material icons above your fishermen.
Doing so will speed up the fishing process and help you fill the fishing frenzy gauge, which will unleash some intense seconds of continuous fishing that will earn you more money, fish and materials

During in your action, you will also have to fight a monster which will give you some resources
Early on the game, you only start with three cages for the monsters and the next one will be need a lot of coins to unlock.

And, you can actually sell the monsters that you have stored inside the cages
Selling the 1 star monster will give you 100,000 coins

Moreover, you can sell fish when market price come to the highest one indicated by when the arrow near the fish is blue and pointing upwards
If you can do this, it can earn you in a ton more money, especially from selling the higher level fish.

When selling the fishes, just wait for the market value to be above the average so that you make even more money

Meanwhile, you will also have to complete the fish selling mission which will get you to deliver the indicated number of fish

In these missions, you can simply sell all the other fish in other categories and keep the fish required by the man.

Once making a good progress, you will have to collect more advanced materials to upgrade your ship and crew.
In line with this, you will really need Rotten Branches to upgrade the ship and crew
Also, you will need the Conch Shells to produce the next material

For such reasons, try to craft 50 of the next material and sell any excess you have.
Later on, you can do the same with next sets of materials so that you will have required materials for upgrades

Note that, make sure to keep your material storage under control while looking at the number and type of materials required for the next upgrade

For further, when you are being at a port, you can play a minigame and spin the wheel two times to collect some goodies which may be in form of gems.

Furthermore, you will sometimes need to reincarnate your captain
Here, you will be able to unlock Captain’s skills with Black stones, the Adventurer or any Elementals
And, if you can reincarnate your captain, you will earn Black Stones or gems based on the level of your ship.

If you want to get more rewards, try to reincarnate when you reach level 8, then add 1 extra level after each reincarnation.
Then, reincarnate at level 9, next time at 10 and so to make things a lot easier and get those extra stones for easy progress

Talking about captain skills, there are no less than 11 skills you can purchase and upgrade
At this point, be sure to focus on the ones which will help you immediately, such as Leadership, Charm and Charisma.

Upgrading such skills will really be handy to deal with monsters and increase your damage every now and then in the game


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