How to Get Best Score in Jumpy Line iPhone

Jumpy Line from Apps4Life is a kind of a brand-new endless game designed specifically for ios and android platforms.

jumpy line walkthrough ios android

This game is a fun addictive game, where all you will guide a black dot to jump your dot from line to line, while avoiding all of the other dots and trying to go as far as you can before the stage eat you alive.

On the other words, you must try to jump across lines through a field of white dots and try not to collide into anything around the screen

When performing your action, always remember to keep moving as quickly as possible.
Once going into further and further into the local, state will get faster and faster, where you must make your moves quicker than before.
If you can do it well, you will be granted with a high score.

In line with this, it will be better to jump into the widest open spaces possible
But, in order to practice for the later parts of the level, you can try to come into the most narrow spaces that you can fit into.
If you can jump into more narrow spaces, you will easily get into any open space later on in the level when all open spaces will be more narrow.

On the other side, this game is served to be free to play
However, every time you are playing this game, you will sometimes see the ads to pop up on the screen
In order to get rid of this, you can run your phone in airplane mode or you can turn off all of the data on the Wi-Fi connection.
If you want to give your appreciation to the developer, you can purchase as remover through iap store

Furthermore, you will also get a gift every so often in this game
But, rather they will come from any kind of score goal or currency, in which you are in the gift after playing a certain number of rounds.
Just start around and die instantly, then keep doing this to earn the gift as quickly as possible.
Later on, every time you go through 12 rounds that you play you will unlock a new gift to learn.

Usually, this gift will merely consist of a new background color.
And, there is no new color easier or harder than any other color in this game.
Once unlocking every single gift in this game, just wait for a new update to come in.

As stated earlier, always keep moving as fast as you can in order to have a chance to get score as high as possible


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