How to Get All Batteries in Power Hover iPhone

Power Hover from Oddrock Oy can be categorized into an action game which focuses on the hoverboarding robots made for the ios platform recently

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In other words, this game can be said as a pretty straightforward level-based endless runner game where you must bring back the stolen power to a village by skateboarding around the stages.

During in your action, you will have to avoid obstacles and try to survive throughout the stages
When maneuvering your character, you will simply tap the left and right buttons while avoiding the obstacles standing in your path

When guiding your character, just be gentle to do so in which you will not need to swing all the way into an obstacle with your hoverboard and character

Later on, you will also deal with boss fights and upgrades then unlock secret characters along with new abilities and hover boards.

In this game, lives are tough to come by, and you must gather up the batteries in each level
In line with this, it will be better to simply progress through a level and to follow the path of least resistence.

If you can do it well, you will be able to save your lives for when you really need them.
Along with it, you can remember where the batteries are found in each level
For such reasons, you can then collect them on a second pass through.

In addition, if you can remember where they are, you will get them easily
Moreover, you will not waste lives trying to do a difficult maneuver off the cuff in each level.


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