How to Get All 3 Stars in Battle Odyssey iPhone

Gameloft has launched Battle Odyssey, a hybrid puzzle RPG to mobile, ios and android platforms, where you will be brought to explore the vast world of Pondera, a land of a beautiful world full of natural magic.

battle odyssey walkthrough ios android

When battling with enemies, you will get AP or ability points dropped by enemies when you beat them.
This AP will help you chain different types of elements together
Thus, if you can chain more elements, you will need more AP.
Furthermore, you can set up some particularly devastating combos if you have a lot of AP and there are elements of every type on your board.
So just save them to deal with tough enemies or bosses.

In your crew, you can have up to 5 allies at once in that 4 are designated as members, and 1 as the leader.
And, certain allies will have leadership skills in which if they are in the leader position, they can activate these skills, stat boosters, such as the Sun Knight’s leadership skill that can power up sun-type allies.

Then, having a specific set of allies in your team at once will activate crew combos that provide you passive buffs like the leadership skills do.

Later on, you can also get three stars in each level.
You will get the first star by completing the level.
Then, get the second star by defeating the boss of the level with your HP above a certain percentage, usually somewhere around 80% in that stage.
When going for the third star, you have to complete the level under a certain time limit.
At this point, you must fight quickly and keep your health high
Always remember to use the healing elements

Also, you can bring along a random player’s leader ally but you will get 5 friendship points, that you can use to summon new allies.

Always learn and remember the elemental tree
Fire beats earth
Earth beats water
Water beats fire
Sun and moon beat each other out

Anyway, if you attack an enemy with the same or neutral element, it will cause slightly reduced damage.
And, attacking with an element which they are strong against such as attacking a fire-type with earth elements will cause reduced damage
On the other side, attacking the element that they are weak will causes slightly increased damage
For such reasons, you can manually target enemies if you want to send your attacks to a specific enemy.

Meanwhile, taking part in the timed events will really give you more stars to collect
At this point, you will also be able to get the rewards such as Archaeological Dig, that will give you a chance to get a 4-star catalyst type ally.
Catalyst allies will be handy to be used in fusion and evolving.
Moreover, these catalysts will also provide a ton of experience
Furthermore, if you need some special rewards, just check out the events more often


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