How to Get A Lot of Gold in CivCrafter iPhone

CivCrafter developed by Naquatic is like a trading simulator game in a glance, where you will need strategy to build the ultimate civilization in the game.

civcrafter walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will start building a large population
At this point, you can build at least 25 huts then go up to 100 population as soon as possible.
To supply your population, you have to recruit the workers as farmers to keep your food on the plus.

Meanwhile, unlocking the science allows your collectors to find the special items like skins, ore or herbs
Then, you will also get a ton more by tapping the resource icons by your self.
For such reasons, just tapping to maximize your Skins and Ore.
Be sure to build up your storage capacity as often and as high as possible as you will never have too many resources.

In related to get all resources, you can focus on getting a ton of Skins then turning them into Leather since the food is the only resource that gets depleted automatically.
To solve this, you can try to max out the number of farmers as this will produce a ton of food
When you hit your limit amount of food, you can simply remove the farmers from the job and your food will go down.
In the mean time, before it comes to zero, be sure to add the farmers back to work so that they will start gathering food once more, as well as producing Skins which can be turned into Leather.

Later on, after building the barracks, you can beat a Thorp with at least 20 soldiers
At the same time, you must also defend with the maximum number of troops as you will often get raided even when in the game

In the shop, you will get a trader which will offer you some resources for a different type of resource.
And, it will only be available for 60 seconds
But, sometimes you will also get some amazing deals from that
For such reasons, just look at the chest icon on the bottom of the screen and do the trades which have big advantage, while trading basic resources for specialist ones.

For further, doing a research will take a lot of time and you should make it your main goal to meet the requirements to have the research as soon as possible.
By doing this research, you will be able to unlock more building types
Also, you are able to improve your workers which will guild up your civilization.


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