How to Get A Lot of Gems Coins in Kung Fu Pets iPhone

Com2uS has presented Kung Fu Pets is a new animal raising game designed for the iOS and Android platforms.
In this game, you will have to train your pets to be the ultimate Kung Fu masters and battle against your friends online for glory and collect resources gems and coins

kung fu pets walkthrough ios android

You can can also breed all of the pets, summon new Kung Fu Pets through unique combinations and make new and unique types as well, all while collecting coins, food and gems, building your islands and fighting against friends to dominate the Kung Fu Tournament.

In order to earn coins quickly, just make sure to build the right mix of habitats.
Building the forest habitat will earn you a maximum of 200 gold
And, building the earth habitat will give you a maximum of a whopping 10,000 gold.
Then, the forest habitat will give you more gold per minute
Meanwhile, the earth habitat will provide you far more gold over a long period of time before you have to collect it.

Once collecting enough coins, you can use them to get rid of the trees, grass and rocks that block your building paths
Besides, you will also earn experience points.
Later on, when you do not have enough coins to do so, you can start moving your buildings around and placing them as close together as possible.
Just close all gaps in between buildings so that you can gain new spaces for stuff.

In the way of getting speed level, you can follow the quests.
Doing some quests on the trees, grass and rocks will gain quick experience
But, they are expensive, and quest are not only typically cheaper
Here, you will earn lots of food as well, making it really easy to power up your pets quickly.

On the other side, you should hit your collection area every time that you breed a new animal in the Summoning Dojo area.
In line with this, go to the collection box to earn free coins and gems for every single new character that you breed or purchase in the in-game store.

You can also try to have single combination in the Summoning Altar.
Just keep trying to get a combination until you finally get it.
from such combination, you will get a chance to get rare pet.

In addition, always stay alert of events as they are the main source to get new money, new gems and new Universe Dragons.
If you can complete login events and summoning events you will be rewarded with few gold and gems.


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