How to Get A Lot of Diamonds in Compass Point West iPhone

Next Games will bring you back in cowboy era in their game named Compass Point West
In this game, you will have to gather up rare cards and build your posse of wild west gunslingers

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When playing this game, you will guide the charge into glorious battles and claim territory over the Wild West.
Along the game, you will need to grow and protect a brand spankin’ new western town on the edge of the frontier.

You will also be tasked to protect and defend your town from the evil who has plans of the notorious oil tycoon Oryille Driller
There, he really want to claim all the black gold hidden underground.

It is now to keep your town safe, and guard it with the trusty town sheriff and his Gunslinger sidekicks by your side.

Throughout the game, you will also be assigned to gather up some cards from your town’s Saloon to round up new and Gunslingers and other brave heroes
Sometimes, when doing a mission, you will get awesome new items to help you in this game.

Anyway, this game will take gold, goods and diamonds as the main resources and currencies that you will need to make a progress through the game

You are able to try finding gold in the hills then you can use it to train your Gunslingers and other sidekicks
Besides, you can use it to upgrade buildings and unlock new areas on the map.
On the other side, building prospector’s cabins in your town will give you gold.

In the way of getting more goods, your farms will produce goods that you can use to upgrade buildings, merge your battle and town cards, and upgrade guard characters.
So, in order to rack up more goods, be sure to keep upgrading your farms to increase the production of goods.

In addition, diamonds are the premium currency that will be hard to collect in this game
Here, diamonds are very useful to speed up building upgrades in a quick time
Moreover, with this diamond, you can draw new cards faster and speed up troop training times.
For such reasons, be sure to complete each mission to earn you more gold and diamonds
If you do not want to wait for getting diamonds, you can purchase them in the iap store


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