How to Get A Bunch of Crystals Nectar in Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars Android

Innospark has brought Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars specifically for android users
At the beginning of the game, you simply start with an epic Hero unit, then you will also have to collect, customize, and evolve additional heroes to battle in single-player and multiplayer modes.

hero sky epic guild wars walkthrough ios android

Besides, there are different ways to play online including Quick Battle, instant action online battles, and Fever Mode.
To play in Fever Mode, you will need a streak of wins in battle, whereby it will not be available from the start.

In this game, you can get some heroes to fight for you.
You will also be served with more than 100 heroes, that you can use in battle along with tactical moves
Trojan Horse can give you troops the ability to sneak behind enemy lines.

Anyway, the game has a heavy focus on online and social features, where you will be allowed to participate in the guilds and pool powers.

As usual, this game will feature currencies in form of gold, nectar and crystals or gems
Here, gold and nectar are vital resources whereby you will really need Gold to upgrade the Town Hall, defenses and Nectar Farms.

Moreover, having some more nectars will even be more useful
You can use your nectar to train Troops and Level Up Heroes, as well as to build Gold Mines and Storage.

In line with this, there are many ways to get Gold and Nectar.
To get more gold, you can produce it in the Gold Mines
And, you can produce Nectar at the Nectar Farms.

On the other side, you can also collect the resources from other players when you invade their villages, or you can gather them up from the Underworld during missions.

Also, you can purchase some resources for Gems at the Treasure section of the in game Shop.
Anyway, always consider that the amount of resources you can have is limited by your Storage capacity.
To solve this, you must upgrade the storage so that your total resources capacity will increase automatically

In addition, except upgrading your total resources capacity, it will be better if you also upgrade the Town Hall

In line with this, if you have higher Town Hall level, you will have more resources
But, it can also will attract other players to Loot and the number of invasions will increase.
For such reasons, it will be much better to build many defenses to protect your resources from any incoming enemies
Afterward, you must upgrade them first to maintain better battle balance.



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