How to Get 3 Stumps Cheats in Stick Cricket 2 iPhone

In Stick Cricket 2 developed by Stick Sports, you will be able to launch your career from the club cricket circuit, then impress the selectors as well as traveling the world playing International cricket for your country, and facing the best bowlers among other players.

stick cricket 2 guide ios

Early on this game, you can play in the crowd with a raft of unorthodox strokeplay, including the Scoop, Ramp, Switch Hit and Helicopter shots.
To play this game, you will merely use the left and right buttons to swing
In the mean time, be sure to observe the direction and timing the ball.

Later on, once completing early stages, you will have to master around 90 levels where yuo will have to overcome a raft of challenging new level types, namely Six Derby, Last Man Standing, No Dots, Survival, Time Attack and Consecutive Boundaries.

As usual, you will also be assigned to collect 3 stumps or stars that will lead you to unlock new outfit and gear

At this point, you can get a maximum of 3 stumps per level which is based on your performance.
With these stumps that you have earned through levels, you can unlock the next levels which will come to more items and outfits

In line with these outfits, you can unlock a huge range of the latest and greatest bats, gloves and shoes to boost your performance.
Also, you can try to distract the bowler by donning one of ten novelty outfits.

Anyway, achieving 3 stumps on any level will earn you an Item and they can also be earned by reaching certain milestones.
Meanwhile, earned Items can be equipped In the Locker Room that you can do by tapping the Item and pressing equip.

On the other side, while equipping items, you can simply press the gender button to switch between male and female.

Thus, in the way of getting 3 stumps per level, be sure to time your power before going to hit the ball
And, by doing a good hit, you will be rewarded with stumps

In addition, try to look back at all the carnage and log in to sync your stats, to see your progress and unlocked items that you have collected along the game.



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