How to Get 3 Stars in Chrooma Android

Chrooma developed by Game Lounge will let you join the circles with the same colors
Anyway, this game is a kind of addictive puzzle where you will have to match or join two or more circle in the same colors

chrooma walkthrough iphone android

Playing this game is simple where you simply use portals, gates & thorns to reach the goal, open your mind then you will let your brain to explore all the possible solutions so that you can find out the only one that will give you 3 stars as your accomplishment

In each stage, you will be served with different color from one platform and another
And, all you will do here is to join the circle in the same color in the specific moves only

If you can join all circles in the same color in specific of moves, you will be rewarded with stars
Getting 3 stars in each stage will sometimes be hard as you will have to join the same colored circles as fast as possible with specific moves

In the attempt to join the colored circles, you must pay attention all the circles as you have to follow your finger when trying to join them

Later on, you will be able to unlock levels packages that you can do by getting 3 stars in all level or you can simply invite 5 friends on Facebook

Along the game, you will see that the main menu colors will change every time you open it.
When seeing this, you can let delight your eyes with these beautiful palettes

The basic rule to accomplish each stage is to never leave a circle alone
And, remember that all the circles will follow your finger.

Here, the headbar will count your moves
And, if you can get brighter stars you will get better score
In addition, you can take a look at basic hints that will provide solution for your first move


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