How to Gather More Gems in Gang Nations iPhone

As said by the review of Gang Nations game in the previous post that Gang Nations is a new Tower Defense genre where you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to earn the money as much as you can then expand your territory while growing the size of your gang and taking on your rivals for gems, that is the currency of this game.

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Throughout the game, you will attack other players in that you have to look around at your rival levels first so that you can figure out the best compromise between their defenses and their headquarters.

In line with this, if you see their headquarters are within easy reach, you can go for them first.
However, if you see all of their defenses are concentrated on one side, it will be better to concentrate on the other side.

On the other side, in the way of invading your rivals base, you can try to send every one of your available troops in at first, then you can send in as many as you can while waiting for them to steal some more juice.

Afterward, when you have the juice built back up, you can send in more of them
Doing this strategy will easily attack other players to get more juice in the first place
Meanwhile, if you somehow fill entirely on juice, you will be able to make room to steal more juice that you can do by training more troops.

Every time you want to organize your base, you will require at least one way to get to your mansion
Anyway, you have to know that it will be the most convoluted, heavily-defended way possible.

To deal with this, just go to the defenses menu and max out on your walls, sniper towers, bombs, mines, rifle posts and anything necessary to do so
Because of this, you will be able to level them up as high as your headquarters level will allow you. If you get everything maxed out, you should upgrade your headquarters.

As said earlier that gems or diamonds are the premium currency of the game
According to this, you can collect them once you have finished mission or taken over your rivals headquarters

Once collecting enough gems, it will highly be recommended to use them to hire more builders as they will construct multiple upgrades or new buildings at once
And, you can try to get twice as much done without having to spend any extra gems.

In addition, making your defense is the top priority here
Sometimes, some of you often neglect the defenses early on in the game, in that it will make your base vulnerable

To do this, just hit the next button when searching for someone to attack
In the mean time, you can also find a headquarter which has no defense so that you can attack it for having more resources.


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