How to Gain High Score Points in Inchy iPhone

Inchy developed Apps4Life will be a new inchworm simulator game designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

inchy walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide an inchworm where you have to inch from branch to branch to make score points as high as possible.
When doing so, you have to time your moves just right in order to make it as far as you can.

Along the game, you have to focus on where the nose of your worm is
In the mean time, you should also hit the screen right as the nose passes over the next branch.
Do not take it so long until the nose hits the branch or you overshoot the branch, or you will lose and you must start back over.

When you have a sexy surprise or a happy surprise or some other kind of surprise waiting for you in X amount of turns, you will have the amount of times playing the game, not the amount of points that you earn when you are playing.

In line with this, when you end up getting 80 points or just 1 point, it will always drop the countdown by just 1 turn.

On the other side, to get these inchworms in a quick time, all that you have to do is lose immediately every time that you play in a turn.
Once doing so, you can get a good score when finding the worm that you want to use in perpetuity.

Anyway, this game will show ads while you are playing throughout the stages
Seeing this, you will think to get rid of them

To solve this, you can simply set your phone into airplane mode or turn off both the cellular data and the WiFi on your device.
But, if you want to help the developer generate more income, you can let that ads displaying on the screen

In addition, in order to get a new perspective, you can try to turn your phone to the side or upside down while playing this game.

Doing this will help you when the worm is going left to right, right to left, or from top to bottom rather than from bottom to top.

Alternatively, you can try holding the phone diagonally which will allow you to see the worm going in two directions instead of in just one direction at a time.


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