How to Gain High Score Points and Coins in Crack Attack iPhone

Again, a new match-3 puzzle game, Crack Attack! has come to the apple store where you will have to match and clear eggs in a certain order to get high score and coins

crack attack walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to try to make straight lines that will come to more bonus points
In line with this, you can do that by matching all your required eggs in a straight line with no spaces in between.
Because of this, you will be rewarded with bonuses around 2,000 points

If you want to get more points, you can always go for long chains
At this point, just try to take your time when planning your route, as once tapping an egg, there is no way to deselect it.
So, you must recheck your plan and route when going to tap those eggs

In further levels, you will meet something in ice and diamonds.
Ice can be said as a back panel in match-3 puzzle games.
In order to break them, you need to crack an egg on top of it.
And, you must drop diamonds to the bottom of the board in order to collect them.
Anyway, you may need to reduce your chain lengths to complete all your objectives.

When going to later levels, you will often the striped eggs
In the levels with multiple stages, you will see that the boards will be small with a lot of empty spaces between them.
If you want to complete the objective, try to include any striped eggs laying around in your final chain.
Here, the game will not automatically crack all the striped eggs, so you can let free points going to waste if you do not want to crack them

In addition, if you want to manage to clear the entire board in one turn you will be rewarded with a board clear bonus
If you have successfully cleared them, you will get a whopping 5,000 points

By the way, having a lot of striped eggs sitting around coupled with a small board will be much handy.
For such reasons, just try to learn the board clearly, be sure your egg sequence is in your favor
Also, it is needed, you can use a booster to make it happen.

As usual, this game will feature coins as the premium currency that you will need to make fast progress in this game
In order to earn coins for free, you have to complete each stage at the right time
Moreover, if you can clear all eggs, you will also gain score points


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