How to Gain High Score in Worzel Gummidge iPhone

The apple store has a new guest that is Worzel Gummidge featuring the beloved scarecrow that can be categorized into a brand new endless runner game specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad

worzel gummidge walkthrough ios android

Here, you will simply run through some stages while collecting coins and completing all missions to get a high score.

At first, be sure to check out the challenges on the home menu and focus on completing them.
Completing those challenges will increase your score multiplier
Thus, if you complete more challenges, you will earn more points

At the beginning of the game, you will start by completing the Cow set first since that is the one the game will require from you first
Once progressing through some stages, you can move to the more expensive equipment where you can hit two obstacles before losing the game.
For such reasons, just focus on getting the coins for these sets of equipment first.

Except getting new equipments sets, you must also gather up some boosters that will help you in completing the missions
In line with this, you can get The Shield first then upgrade to a new level each time you have the money as it can really save your skin.

After getting the shield, be sure to get the Magnet as it allows you to collect everything without having to worry about changing lanes.

During on your rune, just focus on the road and any incoming obstacles standing in your way
Along the game, make sure to collect the grains as often as possible.
Besides, your top priority is the road and you should only focus on in and on getting as far as possible.

If you run fast without hitting any obstacle, you will be able to get more coins automatically
Moreover, you will also get high score.

At this point, just only focus on the road, while trying to look ahead and seeing what obstacles are coming from.
In addition, you will see the carts as the most difficult one that are coming your way
But, once learning to avoid them, you are on your way to an endless run as well as collecting some coins and getting high score.


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