How to Gain High Score in These Crazy Walls iPhone

These Crazy Walls from Josiah Jenkins can be said as a bouncing game which is designed for both ios and android phones

these crazy walls walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to bounce from one wall to another for as long as possible without getting into a pit or hit a set of spikes and try to gain score as high as you can.

Early on the game, you will have a good stretch where both of the walls are solid without any obstacles there

Here, you can try to tap the screen fast until the first pit comes, so that you can pick up a quick 5-7 points

During your action, always focus on the side that your square is recently on than the other side, while tapping the screen as you come up to an obstacle.
Do not watch the other side of the screen, or you will miss an obstacle on your current side.

Sometimes, you will not go through the level in one piece
In line with this, you can get new life by tapping the free life button to watch a video.

After watching the video, you will start getting the same score that you crashed with
In the mean time, you will get the small area of blank space again where you can do the 5-7 jump trick.

Note that you will only use the video restart once per round
Afterward, your score will be reset then you will start over from the beginning.

Along the game, all walls will move in the same speed
For such reasons, you will easily master the walls throughout the rounds
Thus, just focus on your jump since the score will rely on your jump

On the other side, this game will come along with the advertisement coming up on the screen while you are playing

You can get rid of this by setting your phone into an airplane mode
Or, if you want to show your appreciation on someone`s else works, you can purchase the ad removal from the iap store


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