How to Gain High Score in Swap Ball Endless Arcade Bouncer iPhone

Swap Ball from Appsolute Games is an endless arcade bouncer game which is specifically designed for the ios and android devices.

swap ball walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is merely bounce from side to side by tapping and holding the screen to change the color of the ball.
Meanwhile, you will be tasked to score up as many points as possible to unlock new characters

To score up points, you can do it by swapping the color of the ball back-and-forth so that it will correspond with the barriers which the ball is bouncing against.
At this point, the ball must be the same color as the barrier to keep the stage playing.

Here, you will be able to play with more than just a ball and you can purchase other skins for the object that you bounce

Each time, you do your action, you will get one gold per point that you score in each round
Later on, they will add up quickly every time you play this game

In order to collect more gold faster, just go to the main menu after you lose a round
There, you will see all of the menu button balls fall along with the icon of a video to watch for collecting 100 gold for free.

Once watching the video, you will get a bunch of gold
So, if you want to earn more gold by watching the ad video, just close out of the game, open it again, and watch another video

If you can rack up points in a round of the game, you will get the ball to move faster
To deal with this, just keep practicing in order to pass the ten point mark every time, which will guide you to skyrocket your scores.

On the other side, you will further see that the barriers to be in a different shape when you play the game in later stages.
Perhaps, you may see that they will be in a smaller shape than others.

And, when you play them in small shapes, the bounces will go far more quickly, and your score will rack up fast as well.
Anyway, you will easily play the game when the walls come in the big hexagon or octagon shape.
If that moment comes you will get a chance to gain score higher


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