How to Gain High Score in Pink Pong iPhone

Pink Pong can be included into a new endless Pong game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android mobiles

pink pong wakthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to gain score point as high as you can by tapping to move the paddles.
Here, you will get pink paddles and blue paddles, and you will see that the ball will change color randomly because of how they are getting closer together
For such reasons, it may be difficult to keep up and gain a high score.

During the game, the ball-paddles will be very close to the center of the screen
And, it can be very hard to react after seeing what the ball does.

Thus, if the ball changes colors after hitting the paddle, you must make sure not to tap the screen.
However, if the ball stays the same color, you can tap the screen.

Always make sure to tap as soon as possible after seeing that the ball will not change color.
Anyway, the margin of error is very low in this game
Tapping too late will make the ball go through the paddle across the way, even if it comes up to have moved over in time.

Sometimes, you may need to rest for a while since this game can be quite frustrating after playing it for few minutes


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