How to Gain High Score in Microtrip iPhone

Microtrip is a game telling about a new endless swimming game developed by Arthur Guibert that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

microtrip walkthrough ios android

In other words, Microtrip can be included into a simple, cheerful little physics-based arcade game where you will guide an organism swimming through a larger creature’s body.

Along the game, all you will do is to go as far as you possible while avoiding the black spiky viruses scattered on the screen
In the mean time, you will also be assigned to gather up plasma to survive in the game.

Talking about the obstacles, you will see three types of obstacles such as the spiky black things, which are both little and big ones

They will be ready to drain your health if they hit you
And, hitting them too many times will kill you.

Besides, the soft blobs will make your move slow if you go through them.
Also, you will see the hard blobs which will block your way

In line with this, you can try using the soft blobs where you will have to go through them so that they will stop that will make you plan your next move

Do that trick when you have a lot of health left over, or if you deal with plasma there
On the other side, try to tilt your phone in the correct direction so that you will get rid of the blob facing away from the black things, toward the white blood cells in that situation.

In this game, every time you can complete a level will change the color palette
Moreover, you can also move faster and add new challenges, where you can put the black spikes into more challenging places to avoid.
Meanwhile, you will also see bigger black spiky creatures which will have more damage if they hit you.

To deal with such creatures, you can use power ups that you can collect by picking up the black and white pills scattered on the screen

Such pills will also give you different boosts
Anyway, they will also give you Attractor, causing the white blood cells to magnetize to you.
You can also get Repulsor as another boost, which will get the black spiky creatures repelled away from you.

To keep you alive throughout the levels, you can try to stay away from any area full of multiple black spiky creatures

It is caused by, there will be no temporary period of invincibility if they hit you.
Always remember not to hit two of them in a row, or the game is over

Note that, bigger black spiky will drain more health than the smaller ones do
Thus, be sure to always avoid them at all cost.

Later on, each time, you can complete a level, you will get score
If you want it that way, just do the above tricks to get score as high as possible

In addition, this game will show the advertisement while you are playing it
In order to get rid of this ad, you can set your phone into an airplane mode

However, if you want to show your appreciation of someone`s else work, you can purchase the ad remmoval from iap store


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