How to Gain High Score in Crazy Wheel iPhone

Recently, a new and fresh puzzle game, Crazy Wheel is blowing up on social media
In this game, you will be assigned to score up as many points as possible that you can do by tapping the bar when it is pointing to the correct quadrant of the color wheel.

crazy wheel walkthrough ios android

On the other words, all you will do is simply to tap your screen to match the arrow with the correct color
Once you tap the arrow, it will turn around and change color, then you must match again, and again for racking up score as high as possible.

Later on, you can try to tap on the bar when it is at the far end of the quadrant, rather than the near end of the quadrant.
Doing this will be going after you tap it.
This will also be handy as the next color over is the color that you will tap.

Early on this game, the bar will speed up gradually after you tap, with every five taps being the trigger for a speed boost.
Next, after scoring up 20-25 points, the bar stops speeding up to the same speed in perpetuity.
At the same time, it will feel like it is actually slowing down, though.

After playing this game for a while, your brain will start to learn and adapt the colors with specific directions, in which it will guide you to get 100+ points on this game.

Meanwhile, you can keep checking back for updates as the developer will likely add unlockables of some kind for specific scores, or a currency system which you can use to unlock goodies.

In addition, this game will come along with ads that will show up during the play
To get rid of this you can set the phone into airplane mode then play the game again.
But, if you want to contribute to give the developer some incomes, you can simply let the ads pop up every time you are plying this game.


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