How to Gain High Score in Color Switch iPhone

Color Switch is a kind of new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms, that will get you to bounce the ball upwards through the spinning shapes and gain score as high as you can

color switch walkthrough ios android

In your attempt to get the highest score possible, you must color match to keep the round going.
When performing your action, you will have to tap the ball carefully through each obstacle so that it ball will switch color with some powerups.

During tapping the ball, always consider to follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it
If you want to keep the ball sitting evenly while waiting for the right color to come up, you can try to tap at a rate of about 2 taps per second, or 120 beats per minute, so that it will keep bouncing at the same level.

Besides, you can tap faster when matching color
But, do not tap too fast as it will make you run into the other side of the shape before the right color comes back around to the other side.

In this game, you can wait as long as you want for the right color to come up with certain shapes
At this point, they can change directions in automatic
Then, you can jump through them without smashing yourself on the wrong color.

You can try to get through the circle with multiple hands in it to make a good shape, in which it is like a clock, which moves backwards.
At that moment, you must wait for two sets of shapes to coordinate with this one



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