How to Gain High Score in Circle Rush 2016 iPhone

Circle Rush 2016 by Conner Wilson is included into a new endless circle-jumping game which you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

circle rush 2016 walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to tap your way up through each spinning ring while avoiding black to gain points as high as possible
In other words, you will have to jump through as many circles as you can to rack up the highest score

In this game, when you see that your circle in front of you is spinning, you must line up the timing of the ball to get through the pink area on both of the circles.

At this time, you must try to ignore the circle the circle you are shooting towards whereby you will smash into that one.

Sometimes, you will not see a spinning action coming from the next circle.
For such reasons, when the next one is a circle like that, there will be no lining up needed except with the one that the ball is already inside of.
If you see that the circles are 100 percent pink area, all of the circle can be passed through.

When in your attempt to line up a good shot, just try to take your time before doing so
In the mean time, you can watch the walls that are surrounding your current circle will close in on you
At this point, do not rush to make an action or you will make a bad shot and getting yourself smashed into a circle.
If you can follow that above statements, you will get a high score

On the other side, this game will often show up the advertisements while yo are in the middle of the game
In order to get rid of this, just purchase the ads removal from iap
Or, you can set your phone into an airplane mode to get rid of the ad coming up while yo are playing


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