How to Gain High Score Coins in The Pit Ketchapp iPhone

Again, after launching a swinging game called Swing, Ketchapp has also launched The Pit as a new endless running game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

the pit wallkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to go as far as you can go by jumping over and sliding over obstacles, while gathering up gold coins which you can use to unlock new characters

To play this game, just try to hold down on the screen to slide, then let go of the screen to jump.
The height of your jump will be based on how long you hold down on the screen for
So, you must time your jumps by pressing the screen before letting it go off.
In the mean time, you can try to slide to get under any overhead obstacles, and jump to get over any obstacles on the ground.

Here, gold coins can be said as the premium currency of the game
When performing your action, you will see them all over the place, such as on the ground or in the air in the different sizes
Each time, you see them, just get them all and save them up to purchase new characters.

In the way of getting gold coins for free and fast is to watch the ad video
Every time, you have watched the ad video, you will be granted with 250 gold coins for free.

On the other side, once going further into a level, you will see obstacles such as three spike strips coming up closely which will get you to jump in many ways
To deal with them, just try to jump early, land in between them, then jump again as fast as you can.

Later on, you will also deal with buzzsaws and falling blocks which will often come up right next to the track that you run on

Anyway, it initially looks like they will be coming right for you.
However, if you jump up, you will end up running into real obstacle there.
Meanwhile, if you are about to overcome the giant flying buzzsaws flying very low, you can try to slide under them rather than jump over them.

In addition, if you can do the above tricks well, you will be able to jump on the next platform and reach score as high as possible


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