How to Gain High Score and Free Continues in Linebound Life on The Line iPhone

Crazy Labs have just given all new extreme and fast-paced arcade game wrapped in Linebound Life on The Line that will test your reaction and test how long you can stay in the line on each level

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Along the game, you will simply guide a dot through increasingly difficult stages, and make sure you keep on going and getting the highest possible score out there.

When guiding the dot, make sure not to use more than a few continues, as you will not put them to good use
You can use your continues only when you are being at level 5 and more

And, if you get the free continues, make sure to use them wisely
In the way of getting these free continues, all you will do is merely to watch a free video.
At this point, you can only use the free continue as the first one and not after spending one heart whereby you will not get endless free continues.
So try to use them after you are guiding the dot well in the game.

Basically, you will sometimes meet some obstacles and you have to learn to pass them at all costs
When, you are the opposing part of the circle, be sure to make a large loop around them.
And, if you are on the same side as the circle, you can try to create a very narrow circle inside them.
Then, if you are on the line, try following the line exactly, in which you can try to be on the outside
But, when you get better situations, you can try to go on the inside in order to avoid obstacles.

Furthermore, you can win multiplayer games with ease by focusing your move and what thing is going to appear on board
In multiplayer matches, when you are playing in single player games, it will not be important to get the most points, but you must stay alive instead.
In line with this, do not risk a move to get an extra point
Otherwise, make sure you can survive through each level to win it.
During the gameplay, you should completely ignore the other player as they will try to distract you.
At this time, only concentrate on your dot and try to win all games to grab the crowns.

In addition, the key to keep moving the dot in this game is always to look at what is coming next
Once passing through one level to another, the speed of the game will increase progressively, along with the difficulty of each level
According to this, when starting level 7 you must switch sides extremely fast
In the mean time, make sure to look ahead and plan your moves instead of just focusing on what is being thrown on the board.
Also, try to handle the obstacles, as once you have successfully passed them, you will be one step closer to the highest score in this game.


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