How to Gain High Score and Coins in RAD Boarding iPhone

Noodlecake Studio has presented RAD Boarding that can be said as an apocalyptic snowboarding game where you can show off your gnarly tricks and fight crazy boss battles while racing against the end of the world and collecting tons of items such as coins and more

rad boarding walkthrough ios android

Every time performing land tricks, your RAD meter will fill up.
And, when it gets full, you will be allowed to go to RAD mode where you can automatically attract coins, push back lava flow, and increase the amount of experience awarded by tricks.

Anyway, you will often see some frogs littered throughout the course
And, when approaching one, the game will show an indicator to how close you are to it.
In this occasion, make sure you are on the ground when seeing this, or you might fly right over the frog

To deal with the, you can try to slow down so that you can see exactly where the frog is.
Then, you can run over it to get it.
And, when you see your current run is over, you can try to pop these frogs to get some rewards, such as costumes the you can use to customize your boarder

You will be tasked to complete mission in each level, in that those missions will be different in each level.
Sometimes, you will be prompted to reach a certain distance for some coins for free.
Completing these missions will be good ways to get some coins
Later on, you can unlock later levels when getting enough coins so that you can get more experiences in that later levels

After going through some missions, you will get some coins that will be useful to upgrade your characters ability

At this point, you can use your coins to upgrade the RAD Mode Duration increase, magnet range increase, and lava slowdown.

In addition, you can also gain experience and level up, that will come to new tricks that you can do by swiping in different directions.
Stringing together multiple types of tricks in the same jump will get earn you a variety bonus, which nets you more experience to level up.


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